FAST Blackfeet is gearing up for a new chapter of growth! After almost two years of meeting as a group of interested individuals, FAST Blackfeet will officially seek non-profit status. This step forward will allow FAST Blackfeet to write grants, raise funds more effectively, and laser focus on the goals that Blackfeet has identified around creating a food-secure, healthy, accessible food system in the community.  FAST Blackfeet hopes to secure non-profit status by late spring of 2018.


Along with non-profit status, FAST Blackfeet elected their first board of directors in January 2018. The board consists of 4 officer positions that must be filled at all times. Additional board positions were identified and filled and more yet can be created as the need arises.


The new board members are as follows:

  • Chair: Nonie Woolf (Officer)
  • Co-Chair: Danielle Antelope (Officer)
  • Secretary: Betsy Loring (Officer)
  • Treasurer: Vicki Holbrook (Officer)
  • PR/Website/Social Media: Kirsten Krane
  • Grant Writing/Fund Raising: Scott Brant
  • Liaison to ARMP: Will Seeley
  • Liaison to GHWIC: Katie Keith
FAST Board Members at January 2018 Retreat (Left to Right: Danielle Antelope, Katie Kieth, Vicki Holbrook, Sharon Silvas, Nonie Woolf, Kirsten Krane, Will Seeley, Betsy Loring, Scott Brant

The next FAST Blackfeet meeting will be March 23 at 1:30 – 3:30p in the Blackfeet Tribal Council Chambers. All are welcome to participate.


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FAST Blackfeet is a group of community leaders, health professionals, educators and involved citizens on the Blackfeet Reservation who are dedicated to supporting community strengths, culture and wellness by developing local, sustainable systems that provide healthy food access and education at every age, for all who need it.