Nonie Woolf at August 2018 FAST Blackfeet Retreat in Browning, MT

It has been a whirlwind summer for FAST Blackfeet! Here’s a little about our latest adventure.

First Nations Development Institute sent us John Hendrix (all the way from Mississippi Choctaw!) for two days of nitty-gritty work as part of the process to help our new non-profit build capacity through strategic planning and visioning.  We spent two days dreaming about nourishing our community with foods grown from the cleanest soil and the purest water in the world – in the Blackfeet Nation.




Together, we updated and refined out VISION.


Our vision is a healthy, strong, and food secure Blackfeet Nation.

We also dug in, planted, and sprouted a MISSION statement.

FAST (Food Access and Sustainability Team) Blackfeet is a group of community leaders, health professionals, educators, and involved citizens within the Blackfeet Nation who are dedicated to:

  1. Identifying food insecurity in our communities.
  2. Exploring and implementing effective solutions related to access to healthy food and nutrition education.
  3. Addressing food sovereignty to ensure culturally relevant and affordable food for all.

We finished it off with the consensus election of a new board member. But that’s a surprise and a post for another day! 😉

Betsy Loring at FAST Blackfeet Aug 2018 Retreat
FAST Blackfeet members visioning and planning with John Hendrix facilitating.
Sharon Silvas soaking up (and contributing to!) FAST idea wall board!