Food Sovereignty Library

First Nations Development Institute has made waves throughout Indian Country through its support to local communities who are interested in improving food sovereignty. Website:  

Indigenous Food Systems Network in based in British Columbia, Canada. They compile and share resources related to food sovereignty. Website:


Intertribal Agricultural Council has made it a mission to promote Indian Agriculture. Website:


Nourish the Flathead is a valuable partner organization to FAST Blackfeet. They provide food donations to the Blackfeet Nation’s emergency food centers and are the fiscal sponsors of FAST Blackfeet’s work. Website:

“Feeding Ourselves: Food Access, Health Disparities, and the Pathways to Healthy Native American Communities.”  Produced in 2015 by Echo Hawk Consulting with funding from the American Heart Association and Voices for Healthy Kids, this document provides an inspiring overview of the urgency and importance of setting goals and making plans to move toward sovereign Native food systems.

“Fertile Ground: Planting the Seeds for Native American Nutrition and Health Funders Roundtable.”  2015. Get to know some of the big thinkers and funders in the food sovereignty movement. This document also provides a quick update on the current conversations happening in the movement.


“REGAINING OUR FUTURE: An Assessment of Risks and Opportunities for Native Communities in the 2018 Farm Bill.” Written by Drs. Jane Hipp and Colbey Duren in June 2017. This document provides a comprehensive summary of the history around Indian Country’s relationship to the US federal government and the role the 2018 Farm Bill can play to help and hinder progress toward food sovereignty in Native communities.  


“Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool, 2nd Edition.” Authored by the First Nations Development Institute, this document provides a step-by-step look at how to conduct a Food Sovereignty Assessment.

Native American Food Safety Training is a website full of resources around the Food Safety Modernization Act 2011 as the outreach arm to Native communities on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration. As native communities move toward growing, producing, packaging, and distributing their own food – food safety laws and practices become essential.