Board Members

Meet the FAST Blackfeet Board - Elected and Appointed in January 2018
Nonie Woolf
Nonie Woolf, FAST Blackfeet Chair

Nonie Woolf, FAST Blackfeet Chair

Nonie Woolf received a BS in General Dietetics from Washington State University in 1979 and an MPH in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Hawaii – Manoa in 1980. She came to Browning as a Public Health Nutritionist with the Blackfeet Special Diabetes Program in 1988. Nonie has held nutrition and dietetics workshops across the country, and received the Anita Owen Nutrition Education Award from the American Dietetic Association for a Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Education tool to help Blackfeet women control blood sugars during their pregnancies. She also created a series of Cooking Classes for I.H.S. that were published and used by nutritionists throughout the nation to teach healthy cooking for Diabetes. Nonie enjoys crocheting and spending time with her kids and grandkids whenever possible, as well as going to see movies with her husband. Nonie retired in 2010 but continues to serve as the chair of FAST Blackfeet.

Danielle Antelope, FAST Blackfeet Co-Chair

Danielle Antelope, Co-Chair

Danielle graduated from Browning Community College in 2018 with an A.S in Health Science and an A.S. in Math & Science. She is currently in Bozeman, where she is pursuing a degree in Sustainable Foods & Bioenergy Systems with a minor in Native American Studies at Montana State University.  Danielle is a full-time student doing undergraduate research on behalf of FAST, looking into other food pantries and their sustainability, challenges, successes, and advice they have. In addition to her studies, Danielle is a National Indian Health Board (NIHB) Health Policy Fellow for the 2018-19 year. For this position, she has identified the prevalence of opioid abuse on the Blackfeet reservation as well as current policies for dealing with the epidemic, followed by a series of policy recommendations and implementation strategies to improve the way the problem is addressed. Danielle will present her research to Montana state government this year, as well as at the National UNITY Conference in Florida. She enjoys spending her free time with her son Jase outside hiking, swimming, picnicking, and other outdoor activities.

Betsy Loring, FAST Blackfeet Secretary

Betsy Loring, Secretary

Betsy Loring earned a Bachelor of Undergraduate Studies in Dance and Culture at the University of New Mexico in 2004, followed by a Post-Bacc Certification in Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary from the University of Wyoming in 2010. Betsy currently runs a dance studio in Cut Bank and helps her family develop their small farm business. Before coming to Browning, Betsy taught a variety of classes based around dance, physical therapy, or rehabilitation to help students reach their full potential in Wyoming and Montana. She and her husband are currently working on building a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for their family and community, including by teaching classes on gardening, plant medicine, and healing through nutrition at Blackfeet Community College. When she isn’t teaching, Betsy spends a lot of time building sustainable agriculture with her family, making sure there is a focus on native plants and their uses. Betsy likes working with FAST because she believes all communities deserve the right to have access to healthy and traditional foods, and FAST’s work allows her to directly act on that belief.

Vicki Holbrook, FAST Blackfeet Treasurer

Vicki Holbrook, Treasurer

Vicki Holbrook has lived in the East Glacier area for 40 years, and worked in the Browning School District for 21 years. Vicki graduated from South Dakota State University in 1973, where she studied Food and Nutrition and Education. She enjoys gardening and growing her own produce in her free time, and looks forward to using that passion to further FAST’s work by improving access to healthy and locally-grown foods.  She is currently the treasurer for FAST Blackfeet.

Thedra Bird Rattler, FAST Blackfeet Traditional Foods and Gardening

Thedra Bird Rattler, Traditional Foods and Gardening

Thedra Bird Rattler has a B.S. in Nutrition from Montana State University and is from the Blackfeet Nation. She has done volunteer work with the Catholic Church, Missoula Indian Center, Bozeman Food Bank and with various organizations in the Browning area. She is a FAST board member because she understands the importance of helping the Blackfeet Nation provide a way to meet the food and nutrition needs in her community.

Scott Brant, FAST Fund Raising & Grant Writing

Scott Brant, Grant Writing & Fund Raising

Scott is a resident of Whitefish and has worked with the Blackfeet Food Bank and Medicine Bear Shelter for the last eight years. He manages the Blackfeet Nourish Project, which makes biweekly food deliveries to Medicine Bear and the Browning Public School Backpack Program. Scott received a BA in General Business from MSU Bozeman in 1968, followed by an MS in Philosophy in 1969. In 2014, he retired from his job as a roaster and cofounder of Montana Coffee Traders after 32 years. Scott has also traveled to several coffee-growing countries around the world as a judge in coffee tasting competitions. In his free time, Scott helps his spouse with gardening for their summer flower business, is a stained glass artist, and enjoys hiking and camping in the mountains of Montana.

Public Relations

Kirsten Krane, Public Relations / Social Media

Kirsten is a Public Health Nutritionist and Public Health Consultant who was a founding member of FAST Blackfeet and has been working and living in Blackfeet Nation since 2012. She has a Master’s of Public Health and a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Kirsten has worked for WIC in Montana, served in the Peace Corps, spent several years as the Public Health Nutritionist at the Blackfeet Community Hospital and for Boston University as a Public Health Project Manager. Kirsten owns, Yarrow LLC, a public health consulting organization in Montana. Kirsten is originally from Montana and loves the winter, which looks like a lot of cross country skiing and snuggling by the fireplace with her husband, daughter, a dog, and a bright orange cat.

Mackenzie Sachs, FAST Blackfeet VISTA Volunteer

Mackenzie Sachs, FAST Blackfeet VISTA Volunteer (Jan 2019-2020)

Mackenzie Sachs is an Americorps VISTA working with FAST Blackfeet. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018 with a BS in Dietetics and a minor in Public Health. She completed her dietetic internship training through Montana State University in 2019, which introduced her to a variety of nutrition programs across Montana. She spent the past summer with a community garden in Great Falls, MT, where she led educational activities for student groups. Mackenzie will continue to focus on food and nutrition education with FAST Blackfeet as she develops a curriculum based on healthy eating and traditional foods. She likes to spend time hiking, cooking, and knitting.

Will Seeley, Liaison to the Blackfeet ARMP

Will Seeley, Liaison to Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Plan (ARMP)

Will Seeley has been the Food Policy Planner for the Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Plan for the last two years. He previously served with the Big Sky Watershed Corps program with ARMP for a year after graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a BS in Food Science and a BS in Agriculture Resource Economics. During his year with Americorps, he helped secure funding for the development of the Amskapi Piikani Food Sovereignty Strategic Plan, which was completed in February of 2019. Will likes to go hiking, fly fishing, snowshoeing, and skiing in his spare time. He donates his time and energy to FAST Blackfeet because he hopes to encourage organizations and stakeholders on the Blackfeet reservation to work together and communicate as much as possible to address food access and security issues.