FAST Blackfeet Ō´yō´•ṗ´Pantry

The Ō´yō´•ṗ´Pantry opened at the Medicine Bear building in Browning, MT back in September 2019.  Ō´yō´•ṗ´ is the Blackfeet way to say “We Are Eating” – a name that FAST Blackfeet chose because of the way it embraces both FAST Blackfeet’s vision that everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat, along with the inclusive, social relationship that surrounds the sharing and eating of food in Blackfeet culture.

In its first six months, the Ō´yō´•ṗ´Pantry served approximately 4005 boxes to 525 families and provided 41,196 pounds of food. People can come in for a food box once each week. 

FAST Blackfeet’s previous VISTA Volunteer, Andrew Brokaw, along with the FAST Board and some incredible volunteers, have put in a lot of work to renovate the garage of the Medicine Bear building and develop the pantry from scratch through a First Nations Development Institute grant.

People do not need to meet any income guidelines to access the Ō´yō´•ṗ´Pantry. If clients meet the income guidelines for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), then they are eligible to receive additional food through that program. 



Volunteers contact us at: 

Facebook message: @FASTBlackfeet

Call or text: 406-845-2404


Other Projects

Below are projects that we have been busy with!

“The Native Food Guide was a collaborative effort aimed at making a culturally-relevant education resource for Native populations. The project was made possible by contributions from Indian Health Service dietitians, FAST Blackfeet, Indigikitchen, the Sioux Chef and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.”

For more information about the guide, contact Sarah Rolfing at:

Published 2018

Growing Health Tea Project

The Growing Health Tea Project will create and support a local tea market in the Blackfeet Nation. The COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the lack of locally-produced teas that are traditionally used by Blackfeet people for health and wellness. FAST Blackfeet is providing a cohort of aspiring tea producers with resources and education to grow, harvest, and process herbal teas. FAST Blackfeet’s Ō´yō´•ṗ´ Food Pantry will be offered as an initial customer for these producers.

New Blackfeet Community Resource Map

Finding a health care service or community event on the Blackfeet Nation has never been easier, thanks to the Blackfeet Connections resource map.

You’ll find community events, health care and support services displayed on Google Maps with the addresses, times and contact information. Whether it is Blackfeet culture, businesses, food, health, music or nature-related events, Blackfeet Connections is your one-stop shop for finding important places on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Do you want to share an event? Well that’s simple – just fill out some basic information and submit your event by clicking on the add your event tab.

So, who created this website and why? Mountain-Pacific Quality Health (Mountain-Pacific) created the Blackfeet Connections website as part of the Partnership To Advance Tribal Health (PATH) project. The PATH project aims to improve an array of initiatives at 25 Indian Health Service (IHS) hospitals across the country. Mountain-Pacific is working with the three IHS hospitals in Montana: the Blackfeet, Fort Belknap and Crow Service Units.

For more information about Mountain-Pacific click here. For more information about the PATH project click here.


One of the best ways to get support for important work… is to PROVE that there is really important work to do. By assessing food security and sovereignty metrics, we can show our community leaders, partners, and funders how important it is to continue our work.

Community Food Security and Sovereignty Assessment

FAST Blackfeet




Food Security Survey results comparing 2016 Summer to 2016/2017 Winter

FAST Blackfeet

FAST Blackfeet members have been monitoring the cost of staple food supplies at our two primary grocery stores in Browning. This information is being used by the First Nation’s Development Institute to compare to food prices in Native communities to non-Native communities around the US.

Learn more about this project by reading FNDI’s mid-year report.

Nonie with BPS Infographic High SchoolersDisseminating the information from the FAST Blackfeet Community Food Security and Sovereignty Assessment (CFSA) to the Blackfeet community is a top priority. FAST Blackfeet is teaming up with local artists and graphic designers at the Browning Public Schools and at the Blackfeet Community College to produce engaging infographics about important CFSA findings. The infographics will be disseminated on Facebook, the local newspaper (Glacier Reporter), and other appropriate outlets.

Check out this article about FNDI’s funding for the project from the Glacier Reporter.