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Organization Name: Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Office

Purpose: Target population is low income individuals with multiple employment barriers, for training and employment opportunities. Blackfeet TANF Program. To serve single and two parent families on public assistance to become self-sufficient with training and / or education. Programs: State Work Activity Program, Tribal TANF, Fatherhood Is Sacred, Workforce Investment Act, Human Resources, Job Service, General Assistance, NACTEP, Child Support Enforcement, Teen Pregnancy & Parenting, The Nature Conservancy, GED Study & Testing, Vocational Rehabilitation, Child Care Development Fund, Blackfeet Veterans Alliance, AmeriCorps VISTA, Chewing Blackbones & Duck Lake Campgrounds Managers

Phone: Offices - (406) 338-2111, (406) 338-3821, (406) 338-3822, (406) 338-3823
409 N. Piegan, Browning, MT