COVID-19 Ō´yō´•ṗ´ Pantry Update

July 12, 2020

FAST Blackfeet is taking the COVID-19 situation seriously. The situation has been changing quickly and we are doing our best to comply with safety recommendations from the Blackfeet Tribe, state, and federal government.

We understand that emergency food needs continue during times like this, so we are committed to continuing Ō´yō´•ṗ´ services until we are advised to stop. In order to do this safely, we are making the following changes in services.

  • Boxes will be assembled prior to opening (participants will not “shop”). This will reduce the number of people in Ō´yō´•ṗ´ at any time.
  • We are currently using a “drive thru” model to provide food boxes. Please drive up to the Medicine Bear garage at the normal distribution times. 
  • Please stay home if you are sick or exposed to COVID-19.
  • If you send someone to pick up your package, we may call you to confirm.
  • Volunteers will only be allowed to participate if they are healthy and have no reason to suspect that they have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • High touch surfaces will be disinfected consistently.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us:

Facebook message @FASTBlackfeet

Email at

Call or text: 406-845-2404


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FAST Blackfeet
Food Access and Sustainability Team

Our Vision is a healthy, strong, and food secure Blackfeet Nation.


FAST (Food Access and Sustainability Team) Blackfeet is a group of community leaders, health professionals, educators, and involved citizens within the Blackfeet Nation who are dedicated to:

  1. Identifying food insecurity in our communities.
  2. Exploring and implementing effective solutions related to access to healthy food and nutrition education.
  3. Addressing food sovereignty to ensure culturally relevant and affordable food for all.

Food Security for Our People: When people know where their next meal is coming from and that they will have the food they need.

Food Sovereignty for Our Nation: The right to healthy, culturally appropriate foods and our right to define our own food and agriculture system.

We recognize that this work is complex, addresses issues that touch on all aspects of our lives, and is a long-term endeavor. We invite you to join us in this effort.

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